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Our comprehensive Plans include the 5 Key Areas that will MAKE OR BREAK your Retirement Plan

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What’s Important

Every situation is different. What is best for your situation is what matters.



With all of the products available, you need to understand the details and trade-offs of each.


Action Plans

We will create an action plan so that each step is planned and understood.

Retirement Plans

To create a successful plan, we integrate these 5 key components: Income, Taxes, Social Security, Healthcare, and Legacy. By minimizing taxes and strategically timing your social security benefits, we can maximize your income allowing you to meet all of your retirement and legacy goals. Plan is valued at $1,495. The fee is waived upon Plan implementation.


With your plan design complete, our trained staff will prepare the necessary paperwork to transfer your assets. Once your assets arrive, we do a final walkthrough of your plan addressing any questions or concerns that may arise. Income distributions typically commence 30 days from date of funding.


Find out how Jonda can help you achieve those retirement goals.

Understanding your options and guiding to success


I enjoyed the information that Jonda presented to my wife and I. It is a totally different approach to retirement income as well as covering for life events. You should give her a call to set up an appointment to see why this strategy is good for you. My wife and I are working with Jonda now. She can get down to any body’s level for complete understanding of how this works or she can take you into the weeds if you want.


What Suze Orman Isn’t Telling You

You can’t afford to lose money and you have to make sure the money you do have works as hard as you do. In “What Suze Orman Isn’t Telling You”, you will discover an investment alternative with no contribution limits, no income limits, no market risk, no liquidity restrictions, and no income taxes.

Get to Know Jonda

I have spent the last 35+ years in the Financial Services Industry transforming how people think about money. When I think back to my first real experience with money, I see a 10-year-old girl standing in the little Harveytown Store. On this particular day, my mom needed three things. She gave me some money and sent me to the store. Now, I might have only been 10 years old but I loved numbers and was really good with math. I also love chocolate! I quickly found the items mom needed, added up how much they cost, and discovered I had enough to get a bag of Hershey’s Kisses. I grabbed them and quickly went to the register. The cashier gave me my total and I was devastated. I did not have enough money! I was in utter disbelief. I had carefully added up each item. The confusion was written all over my face and the cashier could see it. There were people in line behind me so she leaned over and quietly said, “You owe tax honey”. TAX? What is tax?! The gentleman behind me handed the cashier a few coins and I left. Thinking back, this experience truly marked my life.