Jonda has been called “A Trailblazer” and credits much of her success to her parents. She was raised to embrace a fearless approach to truth and defy conventional thinking, which greatly shaped her passion to teach others how to unlock the power of an open mind.

Right out of high school, Lowe entered Marshall University, and shortly after her first son was born, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and began sending resumes with high hopes of working in the research and development department of Ford Motor Company. Her dream of designing cars faded as the call never came, so after graduation she continued working for a small community bank in Ceredo, W.V. — a career decision that would eventually lead her down a path to ignite a revolution in the financial industry.

Starting out as a part-time teller, she was quickly promoted from one position to the next, and ultimately landed a full-time position as a personal banker over the IRA department. After learning the vision of the bank was moving more toward a “if we want clients, we will buy them” path, Lowe realized she needed to pursue the next step in her financial services career. In 1993, she secured a position as a sales assistant for Smith Barney and within nine months, she had obtained her securities license.

She noticed during the appointments, the adviser directed his conversation to the husband even though his wife was sitting right beside him, and it was at this point, Lowe began to connect with women investors. Shortly after her second son was born, a position opened at Smith Barney and she pursued a career as a financial consultant.

Over the next two years, she was so successful that Edwards Jones approached her in the fall of 1998 about opening an office for them. Although work was going tremendously well, she took a leap of faith and opened a new location in South Point, Ohio. During the next five years, Lowe built her practice at Edward Jones one relationship at a time and also pioneered the traveling seminar.

Her passion for educating women prior to a life-changing event, such as death or divorce, inspired her to organize a traveling seminar — an opportunity for a female client and one female friend to board a chartered bus and travel to a local attraction for the day. On the two-hour ride to the destination, Lowe taught the women about mutual funds, annuities, tax-free bonds and other investing basics. It was a win-win for everyone: shopping, time to develop relationships, and an opportunity to gain valuable information in a fun, comfortable environment.

In 2004, Lowe’s career led her to West Palm Beach, Fla., where she briefly worked for a bond wire house before transitioning to a career as an independent financial advisor. Becoming an independent advisor gave her access to thousands of investment opportunities and allowed Lowe to recommend the best solutions for her clients.

Lowe currently lives in Huntington, WV and as president of JondaKnows, Inc, she continues to challenge traditional thinking and grow her knowledge of the industry. With a goal to always be at the forefront of new developments and ideas, Lowe happened onto a financial revelation that permanently changed how she coaches her clients into retirement. Her book What Suze Orman Isn’t Telling You guarantees a paradigm shift in how to approach investing for the future.

Jonda’s Story

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Jonda’s Story

“When I think about the various life experiences I had that later shaped my career, I am transported all the way back to 1st grade at Miller Elementary School when Ms. Bloss announced there would be a representative from Security Bank at school that day for anyone who wanted to open a savings account. I don’t think I truly understood what that meant but I had a nickel in my pocket that day in 1972 and saving it didn’t sound like a bad idea. I remember being so excited to show my mom the savings account ledger with a five-cent balance.”

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